Splitting up Mexican Families in the US

American-born Mexicans, whose parents travelled the rough and also illegal way into Texas or any other Southern State in the United States of America, are now suffering the troubles of dealing with integration in Mexico.

Due to the ongoing deportations of illegal immigrants, in this case Mexicans, families have been split up. Some of the illegal immigrants have been in the country for decades, and therefor have had children. These children, who only know American school systems and speak better English than Spanish, are facing the difficulties of having to integrate in a foreign school.

When born in the United States of America it is a right to obtain citizenship. The dilemma is when parents, born in Mexico and illegally immigrated into the US, are deported and they either leave their children behind, so they can stay in the American classrooms, or bring them along to new surroundings in Mexico. Usually the children tag along with their parents into Mexico. Approximately 300.000 children moved from the US to Mexico between 2005 and 2010. The Mexican school system is not capable of integrating all these English-speaking children, so it is very likely how the educational level would drop because of things like cultural differences. Sociologists say that the children will find themselves caught in the middle of the two countries in relation to where to belong, language etc.

The conflict is however how the children are going to cope with a different school system as well as the US’s handling of the possibility of the homecoming of thousands of adults who were born in the US, educated in Mexico and wants to go back to the place they were born. It is after all their right.

Photo by longislandwins

Photo source: flickr