Preventing Technological Development

by S. Kjær

Over the last couple of decades it’s been possible to communicate via the Internet. Skype made it possible to see each other when talking on the computer. Viper made it possible to talk on your phone via the Internet. As the rapidness of the Internet gets more accessible for the masses around the world it’s very likely that that telecommunicating operators have to change their game plans.

With the introduction of the 4G net it’s getting even easier and better to reach and talk for as-long-as-you-like via the Internet. But the development in this Internet based – operator free area of business is rather slow.

The telecommunicating operators, who send the signal and sells the subscriptions, are likely to loose their core businesses if the ‘old fashion’ masts are getting unusable. So it is most unlikely that the companies are going to give you a good offer on a subscription free smartphone in the near future. Eventually the operating companies have to give in to the consumers need for better and faster Internet and telephone connection.

Experts say that all communication over the mobile phone will be via the Internet within the next ten years or so.

Photo by Zigazou76

Photosource: flickr