The Biggest Dumpster in New Orleans

by S. Kjær

The Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans, USA, has become the easiest way for contractors, auto shops and even pet owners to dump their unwanted belongings. Somewhat seven years after the Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans and especially the Lower Ninth Ward, it has become normal for people to dump their trash, cats, dogs etc. in the area.

Contractors seem to think that it’s way easier to dump their rubble, insulation foam and PVC pipes in the once rather poor neighborhood. Many of the houses in the district have been abandoned ever since the hurricane hit.

In late summer of 2011 the local police found an incinerated body in a deserted car, so it seems that criminals also find the unlivable area to be a perfect spot to dump bodies and perhaps even execute the criminal actions in the area.

The vegetation in some of the streets with abandoned houses has grown exceptionally fast. The humidity and the flooding the hurricane brought with it combined with the alluvial deposits from the Mississippi River made some of the streets look like a jungle instead of an urban place you actually were able to live in. Trees that weren’t there before are as high as up to 9 meters now.

Photo by John Donaghy

Photo source: flickr