Juveniles raped in Afghan prison

by S. Kjær

Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission (AIHRC) published a report on March 17th 2012. It exposed that three juvenile prisoners were beaten and sexually abused by the prison director.

AIHRC base the report on long-term detainee monitoring executed by the organization itself. One of the Afghan institutions in question was the Juvenile Corrections Center, a juvenile prison, in the Helmand province. The AIHRC experienced that several inmates were regularly beaten and especially three of the juvenile detainees were in the director’s interest.

One of the detainees told the AIHRC about three detainees who had been sexually abuse “many, many times.” by the director and the director’s son. He adds that they would use them whenever they wanted to.

As a result of the AIHRC findings the director was removed from his position in late July. It is still unknown if the director has been criminally prosecuted.

You can find out more about the report and its content here:


Photo by Island-Life

Photo source: flickr (Island-Life)